The impact of financial digitalization

>>>The impact of financial digitalization
The impact of financial digitalization 2020-04-20T19:38:45+02:00

Project Description

High-level Financial Engineering Group in the Banking and Insurance sector. The company is active on the international stock exchanges: London, Paris and Hong Kong, and has major banks and insurance companies, as well as the leaders of the energy sector, as clients.

We worked with managers and business teams on internal organization and customer relations, which revealed a problem with competitiveness. The challenges included repositioning the sales force, optimizing the internal tendering processes, reviewing the contract execution chain processes, sourcing resources from production to accounting, and the payment of customers and subcontractors. After a review of existing processes and business issues, we designed a new value chain execution organization. The solution meant the digitalization of all activities through an intelligent marketplace, including integrated back-office management. The marketplace allows customers to directly post their business needs, define resource requirements and receive contract offers; it manages the order taking, production and realization of the service cycle, as well as automatically issuing accounting elements.

The impact of such a transformation has resulted in significant time savings for customers, the general public and subcontractors, and ultimately has repositioned the group’s presence on the market and its competitiveness.

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