Leadership development

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Project Description

A manufacturer of frozen meals and meal components for airlines, food service and retail industries, this company offers pre-cooked and frozen food preparations, sauces, ready-made dinners, and meat products. The company, a subsidiary of a large food manufacturing company based in France, asked us to carry out a continuous improvement management process at their plant in the Montreal area. Part of the process was to define the policy for quality, and which direction the organization wanted to take, as well as encouraging employee involvement in and commitment to the implementation of the process.

Furthermore, the current General Manager, who was of French origin, was having difficulty adapting to the culture of the Quebec market. We conducted a two-day strategic session in which we provided a “data dump” of information gathered both through various surveys (internal and external) that we carried out ourselves, as well as some carried out by the parent company. With this information, the group developed not only a policy for quality, but also a mission statement that rallied the whole organization. The group devised action steps to address the various issues that were agreed upon and that required immediate attention, resulting in all of the issues being resolved and the company returning to a profitable P&L.

One of the main issues was the performance of the current General Manger, who was then replaced, based on our recommendations, within a period of six months. The new General Manager helped improve results and allowed the company to show a positive performance. We subsequently carried out training in interpersonal skills and team building, as well as in leadership development.

Project Details