Financial Optimization in the agri-food industry

>>>Financial Optimization in the agri-food industry
Financial Optimization in the agri-food industry 2020-04-20T19:38:06+02:00

Project Description

A global leader in the agri-food industry with headquarters in Switzerland and active on five continents; we initially worked on the French market which managed all brands and product ranges, then went on to work at group level. The challenge was to design and set up a general and financial organization adapted to competitive and technical developments.

After a three-year study of the operations of the various departments, distribution centres and factories, the project team designed a new organization which became a reference for global deployment.

This resulted in a slimming down of the organization, the implementation of optimized transversal functional processes and the automation of all activities and, in particular, the global pooling of accounting and financial activities, as well as the automation of all accounting processes.

The impact of this important transformation has paved the way for operational excellence driven by functional integration and business automation. The contribution is expressed in terms of quality, smoother running of activities, overall reduction of cycle times and gains in productivity.

Project Details