A successful transformation in the Railroad Industry

>>>A successful transformation in the Railroad Industry
A successful transformation in the Railroad Industry 2020-04-20T19:28:45+02:00

Project Description

This challenge consisted of upgrading a basic railroad equipment manufacturer to a product and solutions provider. The scope involved a common manufacturer working from drawings for the French national railways, to deliver parts under quality supervision from our client.

The project completed specific key actions that consisted of:

  • Developing a quality management system to be certified as designers by major train manufacturers and to work on quality assurance for their deliveries.
  • Devising a back-up quality process with a project cost management system to ensure profitability and margin increase.
  • Integrating a design office, previously outsourced, to place development under company management.
  • Outsourcing and decrewing of the machining workshop by implementing vendor quality management and cost control.
  • Implementing a global design approach with early involvement of suppliers in the project design to maximize margins on projects.
  • Implementing a manufacturing ERP to manage operations for financial control of the activity (customers overdue, management of suppliers, financial KPIs).

Outcomes were significant, with a turnover increase from 35 to 56 MFRF in 5 years. Staffing was reduced by 20%, and profits went from 3.5% to 6.5% of turnover.

Project Details