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June 19th, 2018

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    1. What was your overall assessment of BLAW ?Exceeded my expectationsMet my expectationsFailed to meet my expectations

    2. Please evaluate the components of BLAW on a 1-6 scale, with 1 being least valuable and 6 being most valuable.

    Topics covered : 123456

    Speakers : 123456

    Networking : 123456

    Hotel Facilities : 123456

    Luncheon Session : 123456

    Breakout Sessions : 123456

    3. Which of the following topics would you like to see covered at our upcoming events ? (Select all that apply)Business Process OutsourcingShared Services CenterLean Accounting (advanced)Value Creation ManagementOther

    5. How likely would you be to share what you’ve learned with your home community ?
    Not at all likelyBarely likelySomewhat likelyLikelyVery likely

    If you are interested to meet our team of experts at your institution, please contact the BRIDGE A1 Program Manager. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

    Please accept our sincere thanks for your participation in this survey